Designer Embroidered Sweater by DUO-HUE

Designer embroidered sweater adorned with the DUO-HUE signature pattern. £60 £85 (Save £25)

The Experience

Luxury designer embroidered sweaters from DUO-HUE, by Amelia Ayerst. 

Choose from a range of sweaters from the image above, all adorned with the unique DUO-HUE signature stitch to tie the piece together. 

Using colourful threads in a woven bow structure, these jumpers are all unisex by design, embroidered in the UK and made to order ensuring a bespoke feel. 

Choose a size from Small to Extra Large. Composition: 80% Cotton, 20% recycled polyester.

Allow us to introduce you to... DUO-HUE

DUO-HUE make bespoke digital embroider products for the luxury home and lifestyle. Embroidered in Bristol, DUO-HUE adopts an innovative stitch that uses differing stitch densities and directions to create a unique pattern, stitch and overall design. 

Founded by Amelia Ayerst, who serves as Creative Director and produces the fabulous pieces, DUO-HUE applies their signature stitch on fashion pieces, as well as all home products including the artworks and cushions,  

Why we love DUO-HUE

If you're looking for a piece for your wardrobe that is unlike any other, then check out the fashion range from DUO-HUE. 

Founded and run by Amelia Ayerst, DUO-HUE is truly bespoke. Designed for those that want comfort and style, these sweatshirts are a modern and unisex addition to any wardrobe. Adorned with the unique DUO-HUE signature pattern, you can choose from a range of base colours matches with beautiful stitching that will really pop. 

Amelia Ayerst is a CMF designer (colour, materials and finish), therefore she is well-equipped to offer consultations with clients and create bespoke embroidery, artwork and cushions to match. The business was developed by Amelia during her time at the Royal College of Art (RCA), and she has been featured in publications such as Elle, Home and Garden and The English Home, as well as working with Dyson on their recent automotive project.