Complete Crochet Workshop by Oh So Pretty and Clever

Learn the complete crochet basics at home with this five hour workshop. £99 £125 (Save £26)

The Experience

Delivered by an experienced crochet instructor, this workshop will take you on a complete journey from learning the absolute basics, right through to more advanced techniques that enable you to successfully create and explore a world of patterns and projects.

The five hour workshop is suitable for complete beginners who have never crocheted before, or for anyone who may have crocheted in the past but has forgotten the main technique and the basic stitches.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this experience, you will:

  • Know the difference between US and UK terminology
  • Understand how your hook size, tension and yarn weight affects the outcome of your finished piece Be able to cast a foundation chain Complete a row of single crochet stitches (US)
  • Practice the correct way to turn and continue the next row Complete a row of half double & double crochet stitches (US)
  • Create a magic ring to start
  • Use an alternative to the magic ring, and know which one suits your pattern best
  • Know how to work in a continuous round using key stitches Know how to work in joined rounds using key stitches
  • Understand the suitability of using a continuous round or a joined round, and apply each technique depending on your pattern
  • Learn how to watch out for the fake stitch
  • Be able to increase and decrease
  • Know how to change yarn colour in the row and in the round
  • Understand the importance of your stitch count and stitch marker placement
  • Be able to create rows of crochet to create items such as scarfs, facecloths and blankets
  • Be able to crochet in the round, to create items such as granny squares, make up pads, teddies & animals

What’s included?

5 hours of live online crochet tuition, delivered by a patient, friendly and experienced crochet instructor of over ten years. 

Starter pack, including:

1 x 4mm crochet hook
2 x balls of high quality cotton DK yarn
5 x stitch markers
1 x Yarn needle
1 pair of 4” metal craft scissors

Allow us to introduce you to... Oh So Pretty and Clever

Founded by Emma Pickering in 2018, Oh So Pretty and Clever was born out of a desire to create and share beautiful things, and the art of making them. 

From an early age Emma was an avid fan of crochet, often being asked for lessons and tips from friends and family. The obsession blossomed into a business, and Emma soon transitioned into a full-time crochet master. Oh So Pretty and Clever is now positioned as a leading workshop provider, offering complete introductory courses. 

Why we love Oh So Pretty and Clever

Crochet is a hobby that is making a massive come back. Not only is crochet inexpensive and portable, it has also been shown to improve physical and mental wellbeing. 

As people become more conscious of where their fashion comes from, and as we spend more time at home and look to create more ourselves, crochet has increased hugely in popularity. 

We love old world skills finding a resurgence, with skills such as bread making and gardening more popular than ever. Add another string to your bow with these all-encompassing crochet classes.