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Premium Scottish Gin by Rule Gin

Both modern and traditional, rolled into one. Palate cleansing, smooth, fresh and delicate. £30 £36 (Save £6)

The Experience

Treat yourself or a friend to a bottle or two of Rule Gin 70cl with these exclusive Mór Card discounts.

Rule Gin has been distilled using the finest ingredients, their family knowledge and is handcrafted in the Bloodline Spirits Distillery located in the heart of the Tweed Valley. The gin is palate-cleansing, smooth, fresh and delicate.

What makes Rule Gin so unique is the wonderful ingredients. They use freshly dried pomelo peel shipped from Vietnam. The gin also has the unusual ingredient Cloudberry, a cross between a raspberry and blackcurrant, giving the gin a smooth taste.

The Rule Gin clear glass bottles are crafted from 100% recycled glass and are each unique in their texture and colour.

There will be a £1 delivery fee for the 1x Rule Gin Bottle offer and free delivery for the 2x Rule Gin Bottles offer.

Allow us to introduce you to... Rule Gin

Rule Gin Bloodline Spirits is produced in the heart of the Scottish Borders, surrounded by endless rolling hills and the hauntingly beautiful, picturesque town of Peebles.

It is a place steeped in history and it is the ghosts of yesteryear that inspired owner and founder Julie Mclean to create a drink that even her ancestors would have been proud of.

Her family is descended from ‘The Father of Whisky,’ Andrew Usher, the man who gifted Edinburgh the famous Usher Hall, and who created a drinks empire, before a series of misfortunes and tragedies plagued the family, causing them to lose everything.

It is a story that could grace any film screen and Julie hopes to honour the memory of her forefathers and rewrite history as she embarks on her own adventure to create a legacy with Rule Gin Bloodline Spirits.

Why we love Rule Gin

Despite launching in only 2019, Rule Gin has been making waves and winning awards since they launched. They pride themselves on running an eco-distillery and even recently relaunched with new recycled glass bottles. This change has allowed them to become plastic-free!

At Rule Gin, all of the spirits are distilled using only the very finest ingredients. The company draws upon family knowledge that has been passed down, generation to generation to perfect their handcrafted gin. 

With plans for the future involving distillery tours and Gin making classes, they plan to help bring more tourism to the Peebles areas all while telling their story to anyone who would like to listen.