Discounted Cinema Tickets, Annual Passes & More by The Cinema Society

Enjoy the cinema experience without paying extra with The Cinema Society's exclusive discount.

The Experience

Whilst going to the cinema is one of the UK’s favourite leisure activities, it can become very costly. The Cinema Society offers discounts on every aspect of the cinema visit. With discounts valid on every film and every day across over 500 cinemas in the UK and Ireland.

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You can save up to 40% against peak box office prices. Alongside tickets, purchase discounted annual passes and food and drink! Share your discount with friends and family so everyone can enjoy The Cinema Society experience to the fullest. To get your discount simply select your preferred chain or use The Cinema Society’s map to find your nearest cinema. Select the ticket type, quantity needed and purchase your tickets. Vouchers will be delivered directly via email so you can easily exchange the voucher online or at the box office for a “free entry” to the cinema.

Allow us to Introduce you to... The Cinema Society

These days going to the cinema can cost quite a bit of money. Especially if you're bringing friends or family, ticket prices just seem to keep soaring.

What if there was a platform where you could book all your cinema tickets, from anywhere in the United Kingdom in an easy and quick way? The Cinema Society offers just that. Created with lovers of cinema in mind, The Cinema Society takes away the burden of spending hefty fees on tickets and instead replaces it with easily accessible discounted cinema tickets that the whole family can enjoy.

Why we love The Cinema Society

We all love the cinema, enjoying a blockbuster film with friends, family or by ourselves is one of the nation’s favourite activities. Returning to the cinema after lockdown might feel daunting with high ticket prices and expensive food and drink costs.  The Cinema Society means you never have to pay for a full-price ticket again! So, you can sit back, unwind and delve into that popcorn knowing you saved a heap of cash unlike the rest of your fellow cinema-goers.