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Cheese Boxes by cheesegeek

Fine artisan cheese boxes, delivered to your door. £26 £35 (Save £9)

The Experience

Choose between three tantalising cheese boxes, combining all-time favourite cheeses with lesser-known beauties.

The Lionel Box

For the ultimate cheese experience, the Lionel Box is exactly what you're looking for. This box contains a balanced selection of hand-picked regional cheeses. You can also cater it to match your requirements by requesting the vegetarian option, the no goat's cheese option, and the no blue cheese option. Each box contains four to five cheeses, weighing around 600g.

The Elton Box

This seasonal cheese and wine selection is full of smooth and sensational delights. Each box contains three delicious cheeses along with their perfectly suited wine pairings and a tasting booklet full of tips and tricks for the ultimate tasting experience. In your box, you'll find:

  • 200g Appleby's Cheshire with 100ml Prunelle
  • 250g Baron Bigod with 100ml L'Espirit du Clos
  • 200g Harrogate Blue or Pitchfork (no blue option) with 100ml Crozes Hermitage

The Sonny and Cher Box

If Charcuterie is up your street, then the Sonny and Cher box will be perfect for you. For this special selection, cheesegeek paired up with Curing Rebels, who supply cured, fermented and smoked, ethically farmed meat. Between them, cheesegeek and Curing Rebels have curated the perfect cheese and charcuterie combination.

Each box contains three cheeses:

  • Sheep Rustler 200g
  • Maida Vale Mini 180g
  • Yorkshire Blue 200g

And three meats:

  • Rebel Coppa 55g
  • Rebel Bresaola 55g
  • Brighton Salami 55g

Allow us to introduce you to... cheesegeek

Founder of cheesegeek Edward Hancock describes himself as a “certified cheese nut”. His passion for all things cheesy began over 25 years ago in a restaurant in France when he was captivated by an extravagant cheese trolley display that was wheeled over in a restaurant.

Since that day, he’s been on a journey to discover all there is to know about the world of cheese and share the wisdom with his customers. In 2017, Edward took the plunge and set up cheesegeek and since then the business has gone from success to success making award-winning cheeses.

In January 2022, Edward and the team appeared on Dragon’s Den, securing investment from millionaire dragon Steven Bartlett.

Why we love cheesegeek

It’s hard not to love a brand that delivers delicious cheese, wine, and charcuterie directly to your door, but the ethos behind cheesegeek makes this company even easier to obsess over.

Every cheese that you’ll sample from cheesegeek has been carefully picked out by the expert team. This means that you’ll try cheeses from a variety of places, whether that be an award-winning company or a family-run farm. The cheeses are all picked on a seasonal basis, so you can always expect the highest quality offerings.

As well as delivering premium cheese, the team at cheesegeek champion sustainability and support eco-friendly initiatives. They support regenerative farming, animal welfare, and offer carbon offsetting on each and every order.