Caviar Party Packs by Caviar Classic London

A range of caviar party packs that include delectable food that the whole party will be amazed by. £64.80 £72 (Save £7)

The Experience

Each party pack contains:

- 24 Cocktail Blinis
- 200g smoked Scottish salmon
- Cream cheese
- 50g of your choice of Caviar

The Caviars you can choose from: 

Royal Baerii Caviar (Siberian Sturgeon)
An incredibly high-quality Caviar, with an agreeable creamy aftertaste. A bit less salty with a roe size between 2.4-2.8mm. It is really a top choice for caviar, you can't go wrong with Royal Baerii. 

Freshwater Beluga Hybrid Caviar
A customer favourite, the Sturgeon is the Hybrid of the Freshwater Beluga and the Amur Sturgeon. Maturing much later and thus becomes more desirable. It has a 2.4-2.8mm size roe, with a grey silver shimmer and slightly more solid consistency that pops in the mouth with a delicate creamy aftertaste. For those who are trying caviar for the first time then you can't go wrong with Beluga Caviar. 

Asetra/Oscietra Caviar (Russian Sturgeon)
The Asetra/Oscietra is also known as the Russian style caviar of a higher grade than the Baerii. With eggs that are a bit larger (as the fish are harvested when they are older) producing a more mature nature. A nutty aftertaste with a firm roe, this is one of Caviar Classic London's favourites.

Superior Freshwater Beluga Caviar
The biggest freshwater sturgeon around: the Huso Dauricus (also known as Fresh Water Beluga) has a 3.2-3.5mm roe, popping in the mouth with its well known creamy aftertaste. While Caviar Classic London has an amazing selection of caviar, their Superior Freshwater is regarded as being a cut above the rest. With fantastic reviews, it is definitely one to try.

Royal Beluga Caviar
This isn't an ordinary Beluga but the king of Beluga: the top tier of caviar. Every so often you get a Sturgeon that gives some amazingly perfect eggs which are normally over 2.9-3.2m. in size. This is by far the best caviar money can buy, caviar that must be tried at least once in your lifetime. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Classic Caviar London

London-based Caviar and other fine food company, Caviar Classic prides itself on offering an amazing product straight from the producer, with an emphasis on customer care and satisfaction.

The word "caviar" comes from the Persian word “Khav-Yar”, meaning “cake of strength/cake of power”. Caviar Classic London embodies that meaning by sustainably sourcing the highest quality of luxury caviar, beautifully presented and handled with care. 

Why we love Caviar Classic London

Whilst high-quality products and customer service is a priority for Caviar Classic London, they also have an obligation to do their part for the environment. By ensuring their business is 95% plastic-free and by using recyclable packing (while aiming to be 100% sustainable packaging by the end of 2021), they are taking strides in becoming more environmentally conscious. 

Focusing on the quality of its customer satisfaction, they want to ensure customers achieve the best experience with caviar, in the most luxurious way without feeling the guilt that can come from indulging in Caviar. 

The main reason we love Caviar Classic is that we love the finer things in life. Nothing turns heads more at a dinner party than a gorgeous spread, and by including some of Caviar Classic's stunning selection in there you will be sure to make a splash.