Banksy & Beyond by Imagine Experiences

Take in the Banksy exhibition, a street art food lunch and a tour of some of the works inspired by the mysterious artist. £80.10 £89 (Save £8)

The Experience

Experience firsthand the London Street art influenced by its culture and society, before tucking into a Street art food lunch in Spitalfields Whitechapel area. This is a unique opportunity to for lovers of art & culture to get an immersive tour through different spectrums of the Street Art industry in London. You will experience firsthand the everchanging landscape of Street Art influenced by its culture and society.

Artists include: ZABOU, ROA, HNRX, Wozerski, ANTE Ltd, DREPH, MR CENZ, Aka Jimmy C, Daniel Blackwood, Ed Hicks, Martin Ron, Otto Schade, STIK, Butterfly Man, Gums and Tongue, Otto Schade, Tom Gerrard, Jim Vision, Ryan Roadkill, David Speed, FAN, Nathan Bowen, Sr X, Ciaonelius and many more.

You remain immersed in the theme at lunch with Street art food carefully selected from the famous Market area of the east end. From there you will be transported to The Graffiti Tunnel and Covent Garden, to enter the “Unauthorized Private Collection” of Banksy, seeing one of the most explosive, provocative and influential artist in the World and his sculptures, prints, screen prints, canvasses and limited edition pieces loaned from private collections.


  • A guided tour of London Street art in Shoreditch & Waterloo
  • Street Art Food lunch in Spitafields Whitechapel area
  • Chauffeured from East London to Waterloo
  • Entrance to the World renowned Banksy Exhibition
  • PPE kit with reusable drawstring bag & mask

Allow us to introduce you to... Imagine Experiences

Imagine Experiences was born in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Created by a group of travel and industry experts, they foresaw that the way people would want to explore and take part in experiences was going to change. They have designed an extensive list of culture-rich and completely safe experiences to enjoy on our own shores. 

Unique, new-to-market and unforgettable - experiences that allow you to bring your imagination to life with like-minded individuals. 

Why we love Imagine Experiences

Imagine Experiences provide unique day trips for people that want to immerse themselves in the surrounding culture. Whether it's literary characters, local artists or tours of the best local bars, they help people experience local culture in a totally new way. 

Designed with safety in mind, it's a chance to enjoy a group setting in a safe and controlled manner, knowing everyone on the tour is there for the same reason as you. Whatever your reason for joining, you're onto a winner. 

This particular experience is clearly designed for lovers of Banksy. You'll get to experience London in a new light as you take in the Banksy exhibition, and explore some of the works he has inspired on the city streets.