Assisted Stretch by Stretch Inc.

Assisted 50-minute stretch in London. £65 £75 (Save £10)

The Experience

London's first one-on-one assisted stretching boutique. Offering a 50-minute discounted stretching session from the Stretch Inc. team of stretchologists. 

Improving health and wellness through increased flexibility and mobility. Every body is unique and every session is unique as well. Bespoke and designed to help you with your needs and goals. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Stretch Inc.

Stretch Inc. works with people to help them reach their mobility and flexibility goals. Their expert team guides you through controlled stretches which aim to help alleviate and remove aches, pains and muscle tightness. 

The Stretch Inc. team is made up of expert 'stretchologists', each of whom have to undertake and pass intensive training in order to become accredited. This training includes hours of theory and study of the human body, with the team being comprised of a range of diverse backgrounds such as dancers, yoga masters, physiotherapists and personal trainers. 

Why we love Stretch Inc.

Quality of movement is the name of the game with Stretch Inc. Their goal is to help mobilise their clients and help them to work off months, if not years, of bad habits and tense bodies. It's like massage meets yoga, although with handy tips that will allow you to continue stretching at home. 

This session first involves a consultation with a qualified stretchologist to pinpoint the problems facing each client and allowing the team to design and devise a session specifically designed to your needs. Stretch Inc. sessions allow users to access and learn more about a fundamental activity that is so often overlooked, but can have wondrous results. 

So many of us spend the day sitting in uncomfortable and unnatural positions at work, school, college or at home. Muscles become tight and tense, which can increase stress on the rest of the body. Prolonged periods of this can lead to serious injury and complaints. Stretch Inc. is here to help with the most effective stretching programme on the market which will help you achieve better flexibility with ease.