Aromatherapy Necklace by OYL'E London

Gold-plated, sterling silver jewellery with essential oil diffusers. £119 £144 (Save £25)

The Experience

The classic Essential Oil Necklace Diffuser set comes with an 18k gold plated pendant and a sterling silver fine bead chain. The set features a LUXE necklace, 1 x 5ml essential oil blend of your choosing, 2 x wool beads and a gorgeous gift box to present it all. 

The necklace is 27" in total length, opening to hold your wool bead which is ready to diffuse with your essential oils. 

Allow us to introduce you to... OYL'E London

Gorgeous necklaces that look good on the outside and leave you feeling more relaxed and balanced on the inside. Harness the power of aromatherapeutic essential oils while showcasing a stunning piece of understated, quality-made jewellery. 

Designed to be simple to use and to wear, OYL'E creates beautiful jewellery suited to any occasion. OYL'E London is a female-founded business that is focused on making women look, smell and feel better. 

Why we love OYL'E London

This is a unique experience that shows the multi-layered purposes and innovation that the landscape of accessories can bring to your day-to-day life. 

Marrying the worlds of fashion and accessories with the wellness benefits of aromatherapeutic essential oils. Helping you to feel a sense of calm, managing emotions and feel refreshed, all while sporting a stunningly crafted necklace that makes a perfect addition to your jewellery case. 

We absolutely love the customisation you can find with this experience. Choose your own essential oils and make the necklace perfectly suited to your requirements. This female-founded business is all about women helping women. Not only allowing you the chance to look good but to feel it as well.