Aroma Diffuser Set by BCALM

Aroma diffuser set with both of BCALM's signature scents and a free keyring diffuser. £124 £131 (Save £7)

The Experience

Wellbeing products including BCALM's design registered geo-cut glass diffuser, with an ambient light and timer and diffuser keyring for on the go. Organic essential oils sourced from sustainable farming methods and signature scents, which allows you to blend a fragrance personal to you and your health needs. 

This set includes 3 x Day Scent droppers, 3 x Night Scent droppers and a free keyring diffuser exclusively for Mór members. Includes BCALM's signature scents. 

Allow us to introduce you to BCALM

The dream is to Be Collectively All Living Mindfully - and this is where the BCALM name comes from. 

Founded by Becky and Richie Pope who, after being married for nearly a decade with two daughters, decided to take a new approach in 2020 to find and have mindfulness. Guided by their free spirits in a world of lockdown, they decided to take time out for themselves and their new venture. 


Why we love BCALM

Fragrance can have unexpected effects. Diffusers can improve moods and lift spirits, simply by being in the same presence as them. This bundle features a unique addition, with the keyring diffuser perfect for lifting spirits on the move. 

Whether you are looking to find natural energy during the day or get a better sleep at night, the BCALM signature scent bundle can help. Feel your very best and find inner calm. 

BCALM continue to develop new ways to bring a sense of calm to your home and to support their users on their own wellbeing journey. Whether it's a first time diffuser purchase or you are an experienced head looking to try something new, this bundle may be perfect for you.