Arena Scale Free-Roam VR Experience by meetspaceVR

Intense and unique VR experiences for groups of four or eight. Based in Birmingham, Nottingham and Wembley. £126.24 £157.80 (Save £31)

The Experience

You and your friends will have private access to the warehouse scale VR arena where you will be virtually transported into a gameshow swarming with zombies. Your mission is to survive.

You’ll need to have each others backs as you navigate your way through levels of the undead, watched by a massive gameshow audience.

Choose from groups of 4 or 8 to compete in this unique VR-format experience. Available during peak times at any of their Nottingham, Birmingham or Wembley locations. 

Allow us to introduce you to... meetspaceVR

Get ready to step into a world that will challenge your instinct for fight or flight, with this Ultimate Free Roam Virtual Reality Experience for Four from Zero Latency. meetspaceVR brings best of breed, state-of-the-art, exclusive VR experiences all under one roof.

With free-roam technology allowing you to navigate on foot around the virtual world, this is an immersive experience of massive proportions.

Why we love meetspaceVR

Futuristic fun with friends. Think of the classic Laser Tag day out, but with a new and modern spin. 

This thrilling experience encompasses the latest equipment in a large arena, with a safe and fun environment to make the most of the VR technology. 

Perfect for stag or hen groups, or just as a chance to get out and blow off some steam as a group. With multiple locations, they serve much of England - well worth the travel if you live within distance.