Acrylic Painting for Four by Crafternoon

An afternoon of crafts in the heart of London, perfect for families, friends and smaller groups. £100 £120 (Save £20)

The Experience

A unique painting experience suitable for all abilities, to include up to 4 hours of painting time and everything you'll need to including a tote bag to take your masterpiece home in, and a helping hand throughout the afternoon!

This is an in-person event which takes place in London. 

Allow us to introduce you to...

Crafternoon is all about encouraging creativity in a relaxed and fun environment! You'll paint the afternoon away, whilst indulging in a digital detox, and will create a completely unique painting in the process!

You're free to paint anything you want at Crafternoon. Dozens of hand-picked artworks will be available for you to use as a guide if you don't already have something in mind.

Why we love Crafternoon

Not just an opportunity to flex and build your painting skills, this experience is treated as a wellness exercise - a chance to spend time with friends and family, removed from digital distractions. 

Perfect for families, friends or even calmer, alternative stag and hen activities. Everything you need is supplied for you, including a helping hand. Whether you are an experienced painter or haven't touched a brush since school, you'll be welcomed and caught up in no time.