A Year of Fragrance by HOOHAA

Annual monthly subscription for 12 x 10ml fragrances from HOOHAA. £130 £179.40 (Save £49)

The Experience

Give the gift of HOOHAA. An annual subscription service lets you try a new 10ml scent every month, from incredible unique, independent brands.

They do the hard yards seeking out the most interesting brands with the best quality, so you don't have to. 

Allow us to introduce you to... HOOHAA

Fragrance by subscription helps you discover and test new scents over a longer period of time in a much nicer place - your home.

HOOHAA works with exceptional independent fragrance brands that  all have an individual story to tell, just like our members. They are taking it upon themselves to make the connection between these two sides.

With crystal clear descriptions, simple labelling and their feet planted firmly on the ground, they're chucking out the hoohaa and meaningless drivel. It's just simply nice smelling fragrances, delivered to your door. 

Why we love HOOHAA

Unisex fragrances, carefully curated and chosen from unique brands. 

This subscription is perfect for those of us without a signature scent that like to dabble in new tones. Every month you will receive a sample from a new brand, with enough to last you the full month regardless of how you use it. 

The fragrances arrive at your door in travel-sized bottles, meaning another potential headache has been answered. Find unexpected brands, new lines from industry leaders and, hopefully, stumble on something which you will want to make your daily wear.