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Take a DNA test to receive personalised health recommendations from an expert team.
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The Experience

Optimise your health regime and finally get personalised answers by ordering a DNA kit from DNApal. This test will unlock everything you need to know about your lifestyle and diet, including whether your body is in need of any additional supplements. This way, the experts at DNApal can create a personalised health plan to suit your exact needs.

Enjoy 25% off on Bronze, Silver, and Gold DNA test packages.

  • Bronze package: DNA test kit and general health overview report.
  • Silver package: DNA test kit, general health overview report, 60 minutes one-to-one video nutritional consult.
  • Gold package: DNA test kit, general health overview report, female/male hormone health report, 90 minutes one-to-one video nutritional consult.


Allow us to introduce you to… DNApal

The team at DNApal is passionate about foreseeing potential health issues and stopping them in their tracks. They also believe that understanding your genetic blueprint is key to making healthy changes.

Co-founders Vickey Godfrey and Kate Scott have combined their expertise to create this innovative solution. They are both registered nutritional therapists who are passionate about the answers that can be provided by DNA.

Personalisation and prevention are at the heart of what DNApal is built upon, and the team is eager to help you take the next step in your health journey.

Why we love DNApal

DNApal allows you to take back control of your health, body, and lifestyle – things that we can all sometimes feel slip out of our control.

We love DNApal for its solutions-based ethos. The techniques used are scientific and precise. That means no more guesswork and trialing different health regimes.

They do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach – quite the opposite. Through the co-founders combined ten years in the field of genetic testing, they have learned that a personalised approach achieves far better results than generic nutrition advice.