20% Virtual Wellbeing Assessments by Vitrue VIDA

Adapted from our technology used by elite athletes to detect and treat injuries.

The Experience

With The Mór Card, you will receive a 20% discount if you sign up after the 7 days free trial.

Vitrue VIDA helps you maximise your work/life wellbeing through state-of-the-art virtual physical wellbeing assessments. VIDA begins with an analysis of your posture, pain, behaviours as well as ergonomic or mental health risks. With that, they can create a personal set of recommendations on how you can begin your journey towards a healthier life.

With Vitrue VIDA you have access to a range of benefits such as:

  • Physical health and wellbeing assessments based on the software used by physios to assess patients
  • Personalised health recommendations are shared as easily actionable tips that are based on leading scientific research and clinical expertise
  • Various progress and risks scores to measure your progress against and help you keep on track to becoming healthier


Allow us to Introduce you to... Vitrue VIDA

Vitrue Health began as an AI built for physios to help them assess patients in clinics. With the increase of businesses working either in the office, from home full time or part-time or as hybrid teams, our well-being and mental health may suffer when we aren't experiencing the same interactions as we used to. VIDA uses this technology to give laptop workers the ability to assess their health remotely via their webcam and virtual tools.

Why we love Vitrue VIDA

Every person is different, every employee has a different way of working. Vitrue VIDA provides personalised wellbeing recommendations based on their unique wellbeing risks and needs. To make sure you can get back to a productive workflow and a happy personal life.