20 Trees Planted by Ecologi

Extra 20 trees for corporate sign-up.
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The Experience

Get an additional free 20 trees planted when you sign up for corporate membership with Ecologi. 

Designed for small businesses, Ecologi helps you to offset your carbon by planting trees. With a handy monthly membership, you can build your business plan here

Simply follow the link and use the code provided to plant 20 additional trees with your new membership at no additional cost. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Ecologi

It's simple: sign up with Ecologi to compensate your carbon footprint and fund climate projects which will help save the planet. 

Ecologi supports innovative tree planting projects across the UK. By becoming a member you can help to fund impactful climate solutions, grow your own forest and see your impact brought to life. 


Why we love Ecologi

Offsetting carbon has never been more straightforward. Small-to-medium sized businesses are also responsible for trying to do better to help the planet, and this is one way in which you can do this. 

Set your own goals and challenges and achieve them alongside Ecologi. This free code allows you to plant an extra 20 trees when you sign up for membership, meaning you can feel even more positive about your partnership. 

Remove some of your corporate guilt without the hassle.