20% off Wellness Programmes by Urban Yoga Lab

Exclusive discounts on the Zen Warrior programme and Oxyzn digital wellbeing studio

The Experience

Choose between these two corporate-focussed wellbeing solutions, designed to focus on needs from stress relief to imposter syndrome. 

20% off Zen Warrior programme 

The content of this two-month programme is inspired by Buddhist monks, breath-taking traveling experiences, and lessons from top wellness coaches. The corporate-focused course will centre around different key areas: focus, energy, mindfulness, and creativity, and consist of customisable 10–30-minute sessions. The course is accessible via Zoom and can cater to up to 100 participants. 

20% off monthly subscription on Oxyzn digital wellbeing studio

Commit to mindfulness with a monthly subscription to Urban Yoga Lab’s digital wellbeing studio, Oxyzn. This wellness platform brings together top corporate wellbeing coaches that focus on a wide range of needs, from mindset coaches to yoga teachers and nutritionists. This subscription is complete with an interactive calendar, 30+ live monthly activities, and a 360-degree wellbeing programme.  

Allow us to introduce you to... Urban Yoga Lab

Urban Yoga Lab is the one-stop shop for companies that are looking for virtual, physical wellness classes, webinars, and workshops delivered by experts in the field. 

Since launching in 2019, the company has been committed to offering corporate wellbeing solutions that actually make a difference. 

The courses on offer cover a variety of work-based wellness issues, including impostor syndrome, men’s health, women’s health, menopause, eco-friendly eating, and kids’ nutrition. This means that you can mix and match the different offerings to create a bespoke wellbeing solution for your employees. 

Why we love Urban Yoga Lab

Urban Yoga Lab speaks to many of our core values here at Mór, and their focus on the many facets of corporate wellbeing makes them stand out against the crowd. 

The team at Urban Yoga Lab is shaking up the wellness industry by offering bespoke physical wellness solutions through a virtual platform. They recognise that a positive company culture relies on both physical and mental wellbeing, and they want to tackle burnout, imposter syndrome, and other work-related pinch points. 

On top of offering wellness at your fingertips, Urban Yoga Lab brings together top corporate wellbeing coaches who are trailblazers in their field – meaning that your wellness needs are in expert hands.