20% off Online Vet Consultation by Pawsquad

Single one-off consultations with Pawsquad providing 24/7 advice from a UK qualified vet wherever you are.

The Experience

Our pets are our best friends. We always want to make sure they are healthy and in the best shape, they can be. Unfortunately, sometimes our companions might need a little bit of extra help if they aren't feeling right. Pawsquad is your home for professional advice at the click of a button.

Pawsquad is there for you, 24/7. Their online vet consultations allow you to speak to a vet within seconds, all from the comfort of your sofa and for a fraction of the cost of a typical in-clinic visit. Choose from their range of one-off consultations at a time that suits you:

  • Vet GP Consultation (9am - 6pm)  
  • Vet GP Consultation (6pm - 9am)  
  • Health Plan Consult (9am - 6pm)  

Their experts are familiar with all common domestic pet species. The most common concerns we deal with are gastrointestinal upsets, skin conditions, lumps, injuries, and non-specific illness but they can help with any health condition you are worried about. They can also advise about problem behaviours, breeding questions, general pet care, nutrition, weight control and any number of other questions.

Allow us to introduce you to... Pawsquad

Whatever the situation, Pawsquad is there to help you be able to make informed choices based on independent qualified advice. After your consultation, their advice will always be available to you as a written report. Your report can be used to share with your local vet practice if needed. Pawsquad can even help you locate the nearest practice to you, at home or away they your pet needs a physical examination or treatment.

Why we love Pawsquad

Pawsquad provides premium support and knowledge, they are always there for you and your pets no matter the time of day or wherever you are in the United Kingdom. They truly care about the health of your animals and ensuring that pet owners have all the essential information to make sure your furry friends are in the safest hands.

Afterwards your consultation, Pawsquad vets will produce a personalised Health Plan report bursting with top tips for keeping your pet healthy and happy.