20% off Organic Period Products by Daye

Exclusive discounts across a range of premium organic products.
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The Experience

Enjoy 20% off across Daye’s range of innovative products, designed to help you have a happier and more sustainable period. 

Daye’s premium products include:

  • Organic tampons (subscriptions and samples)
  • ProViotics designed to boost your microbiome and protect you from infections
  • Rest and relaxation balm
  • Period self-care kits
  • Reusable facemasks 
  • Organic pads (coming soon)

This discount is available for first-time customers only. 

Allow us to introduce… Daye 

Daye was founded with the mentality that a one-size-fits-all healthcare model doesn’t work. So, the team endeavoured to raise the standards of gynae health and give their customers convenient menstrual health solutions on their own terms. 

From day one, Daye has created sustainable, innovative products that are designed to fit people’s needs and lifestyles, without compromising their values. 

The team at Daye is committed to making their products and services as environmentally friendly as possible – recognising that this is a continued effort.

Why we love Daye

Each product from Daye feels personal and is wonderfully designed. In short, it’s clear that this brand has real people in mind and aims to uphold their values while meeting their menstrual health needs.  

In addition to this, Daye is committed to radical transparency. The team believes strongly that consumers should be able to make educated choices, so they are always transparent about their supply chain and processes. 

This brand is also a fierce advocate of equality in the healthcare sector. The team at Daye believes that both sexes deserve equal attention when it comes to healthcare and they consistently champion equality.