30% off on Leather Accessories by Silviano

An exclusive 30% discount on all upcycled Italian Raffia leather accessories created by Silviano. 
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Receive a 30% discount on the wide array of premium leather accessories from Silviano. 

Each product from Silviano has been created from upcycled stock leathers, to create sturdy statement pieces that are built to last. Choose between a range of purses, wallets, laptop sleeves, and more. 

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Allow us to introduce you to... Silviano

Silviano is a third generation family-run business. For the founders of Silviano, the vision was always to create products that blend the world of design, ecology, and technology in ways that touch the lives of modern-day consumers.

Silviano's upcycled collection is made using the highest quality of leftover stock leathers that are handpicked from their partner factories around the world to develop limited edition ranges. These leathers would have otherwise been discarded and ended up in landfills.

By using this premium quality dead stock, the team at Silviano aims to create meaningful designs while reducing waste.

Why we love Silviano

Bags, wallets, purses, laptop sleeves... they are more than just an accessory. They have the ability to capture attention and showcase your style. High-quality materials and production methods mean that you can transport and house your valuables in a safe and stylish case. 

Silviano is an idea born out of working in the high-end world of handbag design. They saw a gap in the market for the modern, stylish professional. Accessories should be a compliment to the rest of the outfit and tie a look together, rather than being a second thought. By using premium Italian leathers, Silviano ensures you are buying only quality products for your wardrobe. 

Finally, we love sustainability. That doesn't just mean using recycled plastics or carbon offsetting — it also means actively reducing the waste that is created in the fashion world. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries worldwide, and any work that can be done to reduce the amount of waste is vital. The team at Silviano actively works to reduce waste by using high-grade stock leathers that would otherwise be thrown away. This means you can achieve a stylish and premium look, without the guilt.