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Choose from a range of curated wellness products from the Eat, Sleep, Mind and Move categories.
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The Experience

Healf brings high quality and curated products to the wellness market. Their products range from vitamins and supplements, yoga mats, mindfulness journals, aromatherapy and more.

Whether you need a daily boost, need to prepare for a crucial presentation with an influential client by using the Daily Inspiration Cards or are setting out the weeks objectives in the Goals and Wellness Planner, there is something for every individual. No matter where or when, you can always take time to look after your mind, body & soul. 

Get 15% off their entire curated range of products. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Healf

Healf is a UK online wellness retailer centred around their four pillars of health: Eat, Move, Mind, and Sleep.

They believe that health can only be achieved with balance, and so aim to support everyone's unique journey to living a healthier life through their holistic approach.

Why we love Healf

We love variety and different opinions. Healf claims to be the leading expert in wellness because they do just that: they bring together leading experts with varying backgrounds to curate what is featured on their store.

Their expertise lies in curation, not creation. They get to know smaller brands which they believe fit the relevant criteria and use their platform to give them a voice. These are not your high-street wellness products.

They are making waves and building a strong customer base, and the brand has been featured on publications such as Vogue, GQ and The Times.