10% off Sustainable Bags by Kind Bag

10% off sustainable recycled backpacks and scarf bags made from recycled bottles.
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Enjoy 10% off across the range of sustainable accessories available at Kind Bag.

Kind Bag’s collection includes tote bags, scarf bags, backpacks, and more. All of which have been made using 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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Allow us to introduce you to... Kind Bag

Kind Bag creates sustainable accessories uniquely designed to combat plastic pollution and drive change in the fashion industry. Born in Hackney, London back in 2019 by founder Maria, the business was started as a one-woman enterprise. 

Maria hails from Tenerife, surrounded by the beautiful ocean, and developed an appreciation of the natural world early in her roots. Despite beginning her career as a lawyer, she felt her calling lay elsewhere and, following a stint around Asia, her eyes were opened to the effects of plastic pollution. This was her wake-up call. 

All her efforts were then focused on designing a product that could reduce the plastic mountain, while also being an attractive proposition to everyone. This, coupled with her own difficulties in finding a bag strong enough to encompass her groceries and belongings, led to the creation of Kind Bag. 

Why we love Kind Bag

Kind Bag is one of many businesses leading the good fight against plastic pollution. Using recycled plastic bottles, they create unique bags for wearing and carrying, with stand-out designs that please the eye. 

With Kind Bag, reducing plastic pollution isn't just an aim - it's a goal they have already achieved and are looking to build upon. It is estimated they have saved over 3 million plastic bottles from going to landfill, and the team has grown from Maria to include more members whose values are strongly aligned with the business mission. 

Practicality and sustainability rarely cross in such a manner. A brand on the rise, Kind Bag is a kinder option for all involved.