10% off Premium Smart Furniture by Koble Designs

A variety of smart furniture and lighting designs, each combining beauty and function.
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The Experience

Enjoy 10% off across the range of expertly crafted smart furniture by Koble Designs.

Koble combines technology and innovation with sleek craftsmanship to create premium desksside tableslamps, and more.

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Allow us to introduce you to... Koble Designs

KOBLE Designs is the home of smart furniture and lighting. This brand creates premium smart technology products that are functional and designed for the modern home.

Integrated wireless charging and LED lighting are just some of the unique features within the KOBLE range. Koble is smart by design, smart by technology.

Why we love Koble Designs

Innovative technology combined with sleek, minimalist design. This is not your traditional bed-side or desktop lamp. 

What we love about the features and specs is that they're not simply gadgets, or mere add-ons. From wireless charging to adjustable modes, the features are wholly usable and practical. 

Whether it's side tables, lamps or desks - smart furniture is a sign of the future. Koble ensures your home is future-proofed with products that are easy to use while offering the maximum practicality possible.