Annual Community Subscription by WriteWell

Enjoy a discounted one-year subscription to this online writing community that champions wellbeing. £108 £120 (Save £12)

The Experience

Join this unique online writing community and benefit from a 10% discount on your membership for your first year.

WriteWell members have access to everyday writing activities, live events, bite-sized exercises and longer courses on topics such as navigating change and creating calm. All members can join our weekly Just Write Together session led by our friendly and expert community guide.

This community will help you to harness the power of writing as a powerful self-care tool. A continued focus on the journey rather than the end result is what WriteWell is all about. The community is there to build your confidence and help you to come out of your shell using creativity and companionship. 

You don’t need to be a writer. You just need a pen and paper and be looking for a new creative outlet that will help improve your wellbeing. You’ll be warmly welcomed by the WriteWell Community.

Allow us to introduce… WriteWell 

WriteWell is one of a kind online community. In fact, it is the world's first online learning community that helps you to use writing as a self-care tool to boost positivity, confidence, resilience and mental wellbeing.

The activities and courses draw on theory and practice from a variety of disciplines including: therapeutic writing, counselling, coaching, positive psychology and creative writing. They are developed for WriteWell by recognised experts in writing for wellbeing. 

WriteWell has been developed by the Professional Writing Academy, the UK’s first online writing school. To date around 5,000 learners from 84 countries have completed PWA courses. 

Why we love WriteWell 

WriteWell is all about finding creative ways to improve mental health and wellbeing – something that we are passionate about, here at Mór.

Why writing? Because it is good for us, and it works. There is a solid evidence base underpinning writing for wellbeing that shows expressive writing helps calm the mind and soothe emotions while increasing feelings of happiness and wellbeing. 

WriteWell members are supported and guided by community tutors and experts to enjoy a space where members can share and interact with others. Embrace the journey and trust in the therapeutic process of writing.