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Combining real life tutor support with online learning, which every child can enjoy.

The Experience

Tutorwiz provides an educational support programme aimed towards children between the ages of 6-16 and ensures they are given practical assistance throughout their curriculum in subjects like Maths and English. Tutorwiz follows a system to achieve results by following these points: Engage, Motivate, and Reward.

Undertaking initial assessments to identify gaps in your child's learning whilst also understanding the child's current capability and future potential. Every Monday your child's tutor will upload specialised weekly lesson plans where it outlines the four 20-minute interactive lessons they need to complete per week. Each of these subjects being introduced with a lesson, an example of the work, and a task.

During these study sessions, Tutorwiz's proprietary AI analyses aspects such as dwell time, pauses and onscreen interaction to identify progress. This will inform the tutor if adjustments to lesson plans may be required. This data is also be sent in a weekly report to parents.

Each family is assigned a tutor who is available via a committed support line. Parents are encouraged to interact in order to build rapport and understanding. Screen sharing sessions are also available if students are facing challenges on certain subjects or lesson plans. Their platform can be used anywhere at any time. All you need to get started is a good internet connection and a tablet or computer.

Allow us to Introduce you to... Tutorwiz

The concept of Tutorwiz stems from an incredibly successful Australian online programme developed in the 1980s called Kinetic Education. It was created by the husband-and-wife team of Bharat and Mart whose own child was having difficulties learning Mathematics. With their combined knowledge from being a Maths teacher and computer programmer, they were able to create a programme to help their son understand mathematics.

They were blown away by the results and how quickly their son was able to pick up the concepts using the computer. Using their concept as inspiration, the Tutorwiz online education programmes help thousands of students across the world.

Why we love Tutorwiz

Tutorwiz provides a unique and educational space that allows children's knowledge and understanding of Maths and English to thrive. Whilst also giving parents the support and guidance through their child's journey. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality of literacy and numeracy products and making them accessible to all school-age children so that they can have better career choices and improved quality of life.

Tutorwiz will help improve Maths & English no matter the age or ability of the learner. Whether they’re preparing for exams such as SATs, GCSEs or IGSCES, or simply need an extra helping hand outside the classroom, whatever your requirements Tutorwiz’s online platform will help you improve!