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Business workshops, classes and resources designed to support women in their fourth trimester.
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The Experience

Confidently delivered, well-researched presentations and classes for the workplace. Designed to engage and teach new and expectant mothers, answer all the awkward questions, provide ongoing guidance and help with the return to the workplace.  

Pachamama empowers parents with confidence, knowledge and that vital connection in the fourth trimester and beyond. Through their online courses and digital content, they provide access to experts in topics that matter the most to new parents, from nutrition and newborn care to mental health and wellbeing. Gain access to their growing community of like-minded women who will help build confidence and connection by sharing the realities of motherhood from real lived experiences.

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Allow us to introduce you to... Pachamama

Created to build a support network for parents and mothers during their transition into parenthood, Pachamama is the go-to hub for new mothers and parents to find support. Founder Arianna discovered during research that a lot of parents would say that there was plenty of support during their pregnancy but, once the baby had arrived, all the support goes to them with the mother often being forgotten.

Pachamama has completely changed that narrative and created a series of courses and workshops that are there to support you through this ever-changing time

Why we love Pachamama

Being a parent can be a challenge sometimes, especially when it's your first: that's why Pachamama is the perfect support platform, with a community of mothers who want to share their experiences with mothers during this significant transition in their lives.

What's unique about Pachamama is that it's not only about the baby's health. It's about coaching new mothers, helping them back to full strength and answering the questions they may not find online or they may be too embarrassed to ask. It's support for baby and mother alike. 

Pachamama has tailor-made their resources so they are easily accessible to parents online, with minimal hassle for new parents when they need help or advice.