10% off Natural Aromatherapy Gifts by Scentered

Wellbeing ritual balms and candles made from 100% natural ingredients.
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The Experience

Enjoy a 10% discount across the fantastic range of wellbeing-focused gifts from Scentered.

Choose between an array of 100% natural aromatherapy products, each designed to help you feel more resilient when juggling the demands of day-to-day life.

You can also find further discounts on natural aromatherapy gifts by scented at Mór. 

Allow us to introduce… Scentered

When the idea for Scentered first came to founder Lara Morgan, she wanted to fulfill the need for portable aromatherapy products. At the time, she was travelling the world with her job and looking for a way to introduce a portable self-care routine into her life. And just like that, the Scentered journey began. 

Since then, the team behind Scentered has been on a mission to deliver sustainable, natural aromatherapy products that can support people’s mindful transitions from home to office, to travel, to downtime. 

Daily life can throw a lot of stress and anxiety your way, leaving you juggling multiple demands. Scentered aims to tackle this, whether you’re at home or on the move. 

Why we love Scentered

This female-founded business puts wellbeing and sustainability first, with every new product. Like Mór, Scentered aims to help people find that perfect balance, whether that be between work and play, rest and productivity, or travel and chill time. 

As well as championing wellbeing, the team at Scentered creates every product with sustainability in mind. Each item is 100% natural, incorporating ingredients such as pure essential oils and non-GM waxes.

Self care shouldn’t only be something you can do at home on a quiet Sunday – it should be something you have access to wherever you go, whenever you need it. And that’s exactly what Scentered sets out to provide.