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10% off Japanese Sake by Sorakami

Indulge in three premium, award-winning sakes from Sorakami.
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The Experience

Enjoy 10% off your next order of premium Japanese Sake by Sorakami.

As well as offering a wide variety of sake options, ranging from rich and full to aromatic blends, Sorakami offers subscription services and discover boxes for those who are eager to give the liquor a try for the first time.

At The Mór Card, you can also find an individual discount on The Japanese Sake Discovery Box by Sorakami.


Allow us to introduce you to... Sorakami

After spending five years in Japan, Sorakami's founder Robin Sola made it his mission to change the way that people perceive sake in the UK.

He was drawn to this liquor due to its sophisticated and delicate flavours as well as its rich history and tradition.

After falling in love with the drink, Robin Sola worked to become a certified sake sommelier and founded Sorakami. Today, the company works hand-in-hand with traditional, family-owned breweries to bring an authentic sake drinking experience to the UK.

Why we love Sorakami

At Sorakami, authentic and ethical sake is the standard. Being mindful of the environment is at the heart of everything this brand does and this is one of the many reasons why we love them here at Mór. From fully recycled packaging and shipping labels to printing with vegetable-based ink, each step of Sorakami's production is kind to our planet.

The focus on the culture and heritage of sake is another thing that makes this brand stand out. Sorakami works in partnership with the Kikuchi Sake Brewery in Okayama, Japan, ensuring that each bottle of sake is packed with authentic flavour, staying true to the heritage of the drink.

On top of this, Sorakami donates 1% of their sake box sales to the Okayama Prefecture Kimura Style Natural Style Cultivation NPO to help support and Promote Natural Farming Methods.