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Health and fitness advice, motivational speaking and wellbeing guides from a former Olympic athlete. 
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Being fit and successful at work and in life means focused and motivated employees. In the world of corporate business, our perception of success relates to how long we are sat behind our desks, now for longer periods than ever due to the new normal of working from home. By doing so, we have lost sight of the long term mental and physical health implications. 

Some of their many motivational presentations and workshops drawing on the analogy of the small margins of success and failure in sport and in business – HP European Conference, Traderight, NHS Yorkshire, University of Birmingham, Royal Bank of Scotland, Federation of Small businesses, the Networking Board and Lloyds Bank.

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Allow us to introduce you to... Toby Garbett

Toby Garbett is an Olympian and two-time world champion rower having represented Great Britain in 1997 at 19 years old and competing in 5 world championships and attended 2 Olympic games. He has been able to accumulate a wealth of knowledge from some of the world's leading coaches, nutritionists and sports psychologists. Bringing that knowledge as well as his in-depth understanding of focus, motivation and self-belief which he uses to help clients achieve their goals regardless of fitness experience. 

He was also invited to work as a guest fitness expert and presenter at the world-famous The Body Hotel in St Lucia. He worked as the Personal Trainer on Channel 4’s celebrity sports programme “The Games”, training the athletes both in the run-up to the show and live on E4 during competition week.

Why we love Toby Garbett

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to keep healthy and look after ourselves outside of the workplace as well as within. Finding the right balance of work, fitness and personal time can be a challenge. It's not just about hitting the gym once the office closes, but about achieving a healthier lifestyle in general. 

Toby Garbett is a fantastic trainer and coach with a wealth of experience, both at Olympic level and through his personal training business. With this highly experienced personal trainer and speaker, you and your fellow employees can feel comfortable and well informed to make a difference in your life.