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Online speech and language classes for children and adults alike.
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The Experience

Speeble specialises in online speech and language therapy for children and adults of all ages. Their HCPC registered and qualified therapists can help with stuttering, accent modification, stroke recovery and more.

Before your therapy sessions start Speeble will be in touch to get to know you and discuss your specific needs, after which you will be matched with a speech therapist based on those requirements. The therapist communicates with the client via webcam, providing good visual and sound quality with therapy materials that are delivered via the computer screen and can be seen by both the client and the therapist. Speeble uses TheraPlatform to provide top-end therapy with the best available tools on the market. Any additional materials and homework programs can be accessed anytime via your member’s account or emailed directly.

To start, all you need is:

  • A computer with good internet connection (Download: 3Mbps/sec, Upload: 3Mbps/sec.)
  • Headphones (dependent on individual client needs) 
  • Speakers & Microphone (often already integrated on your computer)
  • Webcam (often already integrated on your computer)

Introduction to Speeble

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Allow us to introduce you to... Speeble

Speeble was founded in 2019 by Martina Finn who saw first-hand how challenging access to specialist therapy can be, and how much a difference it can make to someone's life. She identified and created Speeble to fill a notable gap in the market for convenient delivery of quality speech and language therapy which is accessible to all who need it. Created with a passion to have a range of therapy courses which cover areas such as Dementia, Alzheimers & stroke recovery. 

They have specialised knowledge for selecting the best interventions appropriate for use with video technology. They take everything into consideration to provide the best video therapy service available to you or your child. 

Why we love Speeble

A stress-free approach to online therapy that lets children and adults thrive with live interaction sessions. Perfect for those that look to take their child's speech and language into their own hands with at-home lessons, or those that feel their loved ones could benefit from a little additional support. 

With each session being individualized to meet your needs be met and make sure you feel comfortable, it's a perfect way to ensure learning is safe, fun and personalised. 

Introduction to Speeble