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Providing evidence-based, unbiased support and information for all women's perimenopause, menopause, health and wellbeing needs.

The Experience

The Latte Lounge specialises in supporting all women as they go through the changes that perimenopause and menopause bring to their lives. Unbiased, evidence-based information and support to help women thrive in their midlife. 

For Employers

The Latte Lounge creates awareness via events whether in person or virtual, downloadable resources, talks and lunch and learn sessions. They establish support through menopause policy development, guidance and toolkit creation as well as 1:1 or small group sessions with The Latte Lounge's network of menopause specialists. Helping your business adopt a culture change through training of tailored information for managers about how they can support employees, training sessions for line managers, HR and occupational health/wellbeing leads and internal comms support to roll out policies, resources and generate awareness and understanding. 

For Employees 

  • Direct access to private specialists at a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 appointment. 
  • A small virtual community group session, which is confidential and creates comfort.
  • 90 minutes of dedicated time for discussion and Q&A with one of Latte Lounge's doctors.
  • Content tailored to you and your needs, meaning you'll be allowed to complete a pre-event questionnaire to share any questions, concerns and help that you made need in advance.
  • You'll be directly connected with other women going through the same experiences as you. 

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Additional Resources

Allow us to Introduce you to... The Latte Lounge

Founded by Katie Taylor in 2016, The Latte Lounge was created with women's health and wellbeing at the forefront of their mission. Katie had gone through four years of frustrating misdiagnoses and was sent to dozens of specialists for investigations into seemingly unrelated symptoms, before receiving a further misdiagnosis of depression. The stress from the constant uncertainty resulted in her leaving her job. 

Katie created The Latte Lounge to create that safe space of support, knowledge and community she never received during that 4-year period. She wanted to ensure that no one has to go through what she went through. By making a space that includes all women, they are able to educate and empower themselves and other women during this ever-changing period of their lives. 

Why we love The Latte Lounge

With a founder and team who know exactly what you are going through and the range of emotions you're experiencing, and with a vast team of medical experts and specialists who can provide support and resources to help you get through this time, The Latte Lounge is your hub for all things menopause. It's a place where women come together to support and comfort other women. 

Who's going to let menopause get in the way of them thriving in life? Not you. Not any woman.