10% off all Sustainability, Business & Skills courses by The Verdancy Group

Discount on a range of a comprehensive offering of courses and training materials to support businesses as they plan for the future.

The Experience

The Verdancy Group has developed a comprehensive offering of courses and training to support businesses as they plan for the future. From short awareness-raising modules to industry recognised awards, the courses can be tailored to individual, group or business requirements.

Sustainability & Environment

  • Their sustainability courses have been crafted by specialists to cover both environmental issues and education. You can be confident that all of Verdancy Group's course content is relevant, understandable, and thought-provoking.

Home Is the New Office

  • The last year has meant a rapid change in the workspace. Moving from offices in the city to our home all around the country. Verdancy Group provides resources that can be delivered to your employees through online, in-person or blended teaching methods. Including training for managers working remoting and leading a team through distance working.

Skills for You

  • Whether your employees are returning to the workplace full time or working from home on a part-time basis, wellbeing courses can provide training on COVID19 secure practices which will help give your team reassurance and support.

Leadership Skills

  • People are at the core of every business. By better-informing people they can power even the most effective organisations to be greater and more successful than ever before. By investing time to help build and develop key skills, managers and leaders are able to prosper. It not only drives individual and collective performance but also helps to entice and retain top talent to keep you ahead of the game.

Skills for Employment

  • Provided by their partner Playback Learning Academy, Essential Skills for Employment SCQF Units provide personalised learning opportunities with appropriate SCQF recognition credit rated by the Scottish Qualification Authority at Levels 3 and 4. Providing learners with a personal portfolio and supporting them through to their next stage of education or employment.


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Additional Resources

Allow us to introduce you to... The Verdancy Group

The Verdancy Group was founded to drive environmental education and transform practices at home, in the community and within the industry. Steven Kiakowski and Co-Founder Colin Grieve recognised the need for habits to change to safeguard the planet's future. Steven’s expertise lies in the subject itself, with his knowledge of the industry steering the Verdancy Group's eLearning materials and business courses to where it is today.

Why we love The Verdancy Group

The Verdancy Group believes in through education and learning, they empower people of every age to make informed and sustainable choices. Aiming to inspire positive environmental change within their communities, at home, in schools or in the workplace.