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Vodka and Gin by Sapling Spirits

Vodka and Gin that's delicious and helps to save the planet. £27 £30 (Save £3)

The Experience

Climate positive spirits that will allow you to have a guilt-free tipple, all while helping save the planet. 

Choose from the Sapling Vodka or Gin from Sapling Spirits. 


Vodka (70cl, 40% ABV)

This gorgeous vodka is distilled exclusively from British wheat. Distilled four times, the vodka is a clean, crisp and naturally sweet affair. 

The purity of the spirit brings out the herbaceous and citrus notes, meaning it's perfect on its own or with less powerful mixers. Try it as part of a vodka tonic or a vodka lime soda to pair it perfectly. 

Gin (70cl, 40% ABV) 

This gin is a climate-positive London dry gin that is distilled from organic and regenerative wheat. A classic twist on the London Dry, this gin is bold on the juniper and refreshingly zest, with hints of rosemary giving it a herby finish. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Sapling Spirits

Sapling Spirits is a climate positive drinks brand leading the way on sustainability. Their spirits leave a good taste in your mouth. Made in the heart of the Cotswolds, Sapling use local ingredients to reduce transport emissions. The base spirits are distilled four times from organic Wildfarmed wheat.

To make their vodka the regeneratively farmed spirit is then blended with charcoal-filtered, de-ionised water. The high starch content of the wheat leaves a fresh finish and a hint of natural sweetness that makes Sapling Vodka so easy to drink.

Why we love Sapling Spirits

These are crisp, clear spirits produced in the UK in a climate-positive manner. What's not to love? 

Sapling vodka earned a place in the GQ 'World's Best Vodka' list, and it's hard to disagree. It's a gorgeous vodka which avoids the harshness of some of the cheaper alternatives, meaning it goes down smooth on its own or with a cube of ice. You can also enjoy it as a longer drink without overpowering it with fruit juices, although it still makes for a classy cocktail base. 

The grain used for the Sapling gin is produced by a nearby company called Wildfarmed, who farm it in a way which allows the land to use up more CO2 and help to restore the land to a natural carbon sink. It's all very technical and beneficial to the planet, but what's equally important is the taste. Lovers of gin will notice it's a classically floral and herbal concoction, and the climate-positive production means that it goes down even more smooth. 

This is guilt-free booze that's good for the environment, your wallet and your tastebuds. As well as a clean distilling and farming process, Sapling also plants a tree for each bottle sold and lets you track your tree's growth in the English forest. Just another way they're helping clean up the industry.