Scottish Cashmere Scarves by Kinalba

Voucher spend for family-run, sustainable cashmere scarves and throws. £80 £100 (Save £20)

The Experience

Choose from a £100, £150 or £300 voucher to spend across the entire Kinalba store. 

Luxury cashmere scarves, throws, stoles and more. Traditional Scottish products and designs, made using the finest and most unique cashmere available on the market. 

Made in Scotland for a modern Scotland. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Kinalba

As a family-run business, Kinalba places the highest standards on sustainability of their people and planet at the heart of their ethics and ethos. Using only the finest Inner Mongolian cashmere, Kinalba utilises extraordinary craftsmanship to fashion a modern authentic twist on luxury Scottish cashmere accessories.

Kinalba Scottish cashmere accessories are made through the slowness of time to ensure every last exquisitely soft fibre is perfectly placed to wrap you up in comfort and style. This is not fast fashion: slow down and take a moment.

Why we love Kinalba

Traditional, heritage Scottish design is incorporated across the world to this day. Tartans and patterns that hark back to days of old are adopted and used as part of modern home decor and fashion. We love how the look pleases the eye, and we love how Kinalba have modernised it with gorgeous cashmeres from far flung lands. 

Kinalba focuses on sustainability of the practice and the people. Balance and wellbeing are placed at the forefront of their cashmere collection and crafting. The team at Kinalba personally source select cashmere fibre from Inner Mongolia which can be traced from origin all the way through the manufacturing process, providing full transparency. 

Additionally, ethical values towards animal welfare and grassland conservation are integral to the values and ethos of the business, which begins at source. Not only are they making modern classics for home and body, they are doing so in a way benefitting all involved.