Electric Standing Desk Bundles by Ergo Desks

Height adjustable desks to suit any environment, workspace, office or living space. £570 £605 (Save £35)

The Experience

Apollo Pro Electric Desk

The Apollo Pro Electric Desk is the perfect addition to any home office to provide a work environment with the flexibility of a variable height work surface. With a straightforward and minimalistic design, the ingenuous dual-motor 2-stage leg system enables reliable operation. The frame and all electronics are covered by a 7-year guarantee. The Apollo Pro desk is the ideal all-encompassing sit/stand desk solution. 


Bundle includes: 

  • 1 x Apollo Pro Electric Desk 140cm x 80 cm Walnut Top Black Frame
  • 2 x Portholes and Covers
  • 1 x Black Cable tray
  • 1 x Medium Desk Mat Stone (colour)                                     

Hades Electric Desk Bundle 

The Hades is a robust dual motor desk, made from high-quality grade steel. The sturdy framework is finished with a clear lacquer, leaving visible weld seams, heat marks and burnishing. Portraying hardened and masculine characteristics. The Hades has two solid motors, powered by Logic Data electronics, giving a reined in low noise operation and rapid operation of 40mm/s.

The frame and all electronics are covered by a 7-year guarantee. It also features a telescopic central bean system, allowing it to be fitting with desktops from 1200 to 1800mm in width. 

Bundle includes:  

  • 1 x Hades Electric Desk160cm x 80 cm Concrete Top (one frame colour)
  • 2 x Portholes and covers
  • 4 button Memory Control unit, Cable tray, Desk Mat Large Stone (colour)
  • 1 x Floor Mat Large (black)
  • Built-in USB charger point.        

Allow us to introduce you to... Ergo Desks

With a founder specialising in IT, Dominic Myers spent the majority of his day working behind a desk which created a sharp contradiction to his incredibly dynamic lifestyle out of work which involved sports, hiking and rock climbing amongst other ventures.

The shift towards more dynamic workspaces with height-adjustable desks was already beginning and Dom had discovered the many advantages of an adjustable desk. His next idea was to make it more accessible and affordable but still creating high-quality desks. With that Ergo Desks was created. 


why we love Ergo Desks

Ergo Desks now creates a range of work and productivity essentials like chairs, desks and desk accessories to create the perfect office whether you working from home or in an office. The range of benefits that standing desks provides includes: 

  • Increased metabolism and calorie burn
  • Reduced risk of diseases including obesity and heart disease
  • Increased weight loss
  • Increased energy and focus
  • Reduced muscle/back pain
  • Increase productivity and collaboration

A small change like advancing our desks to a different height provides so many benefits to our health and productivity, Ergo Desks is your new base for deluxe electric standing desks.