Treatment Gift Card by SPN Lifestyle

Greater London
Access to any treatment on offer in SPN Lifestyle's studios, including facials, massages, peels and more. £120 £150 (Save £30)

The Experience

The treatment gift card will give you access to book any number of cutting-edge treatments including premium brand Gazzelli facials, massages, peels and mircro-needling, Sonic Sound Therapy and nutritional biohacking and DNA programs for weight loss and stress. 

Allow us to introduce you to... SPN Lifestyle

SPN studios in both Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks are California cool, with an East London edge + New York City flair. They bring the luxury + creativity of the big cities to the suburbs, with two floors of fitness, a therapy room, premium brand boutique + natural food kitchen.   

Why we love SPN Lifestyle

This is more than just your usual gym. This is cutting-edge classes, the latest in gym attire, beauty and wellness - all under one roof. 

We're not all constant go-getters. For every person that sees the gym as their sanctuary and loves breaking a sweat, there's the person that prefers to slow it down. This experience is perfect for those that enjoy the calmer things. The unwinders and relaxers among us.

SPN offers unique treatments alongside their active classes which include their Skin Clinic, Sonic Sound treatment and Nutrition Biohacking, alongside the classic massage and facials.