Vintage Tiger Moth Aeroplane Flight Experience by Vintage Flying

Feel the unparalleled excitement of putting on a flying helmet and climbing into a real vintage flying machine. £249 £329 (Save £80)

The Experience

30 Minute Tour

Being transported to Vintage Flying's lovely 1930's themed pre-flight area where you will be briefed to ensure your safety whilst flying in the aeroplane. When you're ready you will take off from Derby Airfield in a genuine vintage Tiger Moth, flying across Derby's landmarks like Tutbury Castle, Sudbury Hall and The River Dove. 

75 Minute Tour

You will take off from Derby Airfield in a genuine vintage Tiger Moth and head out to the north, keeping Sheffield on your right-hand side until you turn and fly down the Howden, Derwent and Ladybower reservoirs and dams at approximately 500 feet. These formed part of 617 Squadron’s practice route which they flew in advance of the Dambusters raid.


One of Vintage Flying's aeroplanes is an original wartime-built trainer, the other being a pre-war aeroplane with the distinction of having been one of the very few Tiger Moths to be landed on an aircraft carrier. This means that whichever aeroplane you're in, you will be sitting in the hero's seat. Throughout the flight, your experienced flying instructor will then demonstrate to you the different effects that small movements can have on the plane's altitude and direction. You'll even be invited to take the stick to try and fly yourself. 

There will also be a photographer there to take photos of the flyer close to the aeroplane and sitting in it, the start-up of the engine, the ‘chocks away’ moment and a sequence of take-off shots. All photos are put onto an SD card with a small gift pouch, to cherish all those fantastic memories.

Allow us to introduce you to... Vintage Flying

Vintage Flying is one of the top vintage aeroplane experiences in the United Kingdom. They have an impressive roster of pilots, some of which have 45 years of flying experience and have worked as mechanical engineers, aerobatic and precision competitors and ex-RAF pilots.

With these highly experienced and fully qualified flying instructors, Vintage Flying always aim to share their knowledge with people who have always wanted to get into the air and fly.

Why we love Vintage Flying

This experience is perfect for those that have always wanted the opportunity to fly their own small aircraft, or those that are looking to gain some experience before starting their own lessons. Small aircraft flight is a hobby that has always been popular in this country, and this is a perfect welcome to the activity. 

Vintage Flying experiences are also ideal for the history buff who wants to step foot into an actual wartime aeroplane and experience what it was like flying during those times. These are not your average small aircraft, but small pieces of history. 

From the first moment you arrive until your parting gift, Vintage Flying will stop at nothing to ensure that you have a comfortable, safe and eye-opening experience. Whether you're an experienced flyer, or completely new to the greater marvel of aviation, your instructor is equipped with all of the experience and knowledge to tailor to your experience, needs and expectations.