Storytelling & Foraging Estate Walk for Two People with The Italian Ghillie

Wild Foraging Estate Walk in Scotland with Italian Ghillie for Two People £120 £150 (Save £30)

The Experience

Walking through the charming Scottish Highlands, guided through the wilderness with your guide who has extensive knowledge of the area. They will accompany you through your journey of sights, sounds and aromas of the captivating Highland landscape. Between embracing the glorious vista, pondering stories about the entangling history of The Royal Family, Jacobites and the current laird of the Farquharson estate you will be sure to have many questions and want to know more.

Need a break? Tea, Coffee and a sweet or savoury treat are provided (guests can choose their preference) If you're feeling hungry for more, a locally produced Scottish-Italian picnic is made fresh for visitors upon request (for an added fee.)

Allow us to Introduce you to... The Italian Ghillie

The Italian Ghillie provides a one of a kind group experience of historical storytelling paired with foraging for mushrooms and herbs in the natural wild. You are not rushed, you are invited to take your time; after all who wouldn't want to embrace this opportunity for a moment of mindfulness. This experience is one you wouldn't be able to get anywhere else in Scotland.

Beginning the journey at Keiloch near the Invercauld Estates working your way through the surrounding areas, pasting The River Dee and through the fantastic views of Craig Leek near Braemar. The experience will comprise approximately three hours of fascinating storytelling and a leisurely journey on foot through Scotland's most beautiful hills and woods, culminating in a delicious picnic consisting of wild and forged foods, a mouthwatering end to an amazing day. 

Why we love The Italian Ghillie

Foraging ingredients in the vast Caledonian Forest doesn't just have to be calming; it can also be educational, in the sense that you will not only be learning about the mushrooms you'll be foraging and their different varieties (from Golden Chanterelles to Meaty Boletes), but the secret spots in which they thrive and grow. Impress friends and family with your newfound stories about the Royal Heritage that flows through the hills of Balmoral.  Your guide closely follows the book 'Mushrooms Without Fear' by Alexander Schwab to ensure you are only picking the most edible and delectable mushrooms.

An intimate and immersive experience for couples or friends, to socialise, learn and marvel in the wonders of the natural world.