Full Day Vineyard Experience for Two by Dunesforde Vineyard

Explore the vineyard, sample produce and enjoy a sharing platter in the gorgeous Dunesforde vineyard in Yorkshire. £500 £685 (Save £185)

The Experience

Walk through the vines with the vineyard owner, learn about the vines and the unique challenge of growing vines in the north. Then move onto a magnificent tasting flight of 5 sparkling wines from the particularly good 2018 vintage, hosted by Dunesforde’s Head of Wine Development.

Round out your day with a gorgeous sharing platter overlooking the vines. Take away a mixed case of sparkling wines to enjoy and to remember a fabulous day out.

Allow us to introduce you to... Dunesforde Vineyard

Spread across 4 acres of beautiful green scenery in Upper Dunsforth, Yorkshire, lies this unique vineyard - one of the most northerly in the country. 

Planted in 2016, it takes inspiration from the styles and wines of Tuscany, where the owners saw first-hand the skill and passion needed to produce quality wines during his time at Castello di Potentino.

Renowned for its sparkling wine, Dunesforde has grown into a rising star of the UK wine scene. 

Why we love Dunesforde Vineyard

It's no secret that the moors of North Yorkshire are not the traditional locale you would expect for wine production; however, through lengthening the process and taking extra care with the grapes, Dunesforde manage to produce wines which would rival those on the continent. 

The extra time and care, coupled with the robust flavours that come from grapes which have to grow in a challenging climate, produces a wine which we absolutely adore. 

This experience is not solely about the wine (although that does make up a good portion of it). It's also a chance to learn about this unique vineyard from the owners themselves, take in the surrounding lands and enjoy a special date together. Whether with a friend, parent or significant other, it's an experience you won't long forget.