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Gourmet Dinner or Lunch for Two by Bustronome

Experience fine dining in the unique setting of a London bus as you take in the city streets over lunch or dinner. £104 £130 (Save £26)

The Experience

Voyage Gourmand on a double decker bus. Fine Dining on the move. A new way to experience London. 

Choose from a lunch or dinner option, with or without a beverage pairing. 

True quality, set against a backdrop of traditional London sights. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Bustronome

The Bustronome is a high-end dining experience aboard a custom designed double decker bus, featuring a panoramic view of the city.

An unrivalled combination of aesthetics and leisure, this luxury bus/restaurant provides an extraordinary experience, discover the most beautiful views in London while enjoying the best of its gastronomy.

Why we love Bustronome

This is a truly unique idea and a fully-rounded experience. Not only are you experiencing classic London and its attractions in all their glory, you're doing so in a double decker bus and marvelling at some truly gourmet food in addition. 

Revered by locals and tourists alike, Bustronome has grown in popularity in the years since its beginnings and has even expanded to include a Parisian alternative. 

It's an experience perfect for a date night, or as a daytime attraction to get around the town. Whether you live in or around London and are looking for something new, or if you're visiting and want to take in as much as possible, this could be your perfect option.