Signature Selection Box by Truffle Guys

Selection of luxurious truffle-based condiments. £80 £90 (Save £10)

The Experience

The Truffle Guys signature selection box is a combination of truffle concoctions designed to be a luxurious twist on the classics and to open your eyes to the wonders of truffles at home.

This box includes: 

200ml White Truffle Oil

180g Ultimate Truffle Mayo

200g Royal Truffle Ketchup

100ml Seriously Addictive White Truffle Hot Sauce

90g Gourmet Black Truffle Honey

65g Signature Truffle Dust.

Allow us to introduce you to... Truffle Guys

The idea for Truffle Guys was first born in 2018. Rikki and Jordan came together over dinner and, as the conversation flowed, came to realise a common theme: they were both lovers of fine dining and were looking for ways to achieve it at home. Their shared love of truffles, and lack of a good place to source them, led them to create Truffle Guys. 

Truffle Guys is a business built on people. They know people are all about finding and making the best food, and they’re all about quality ingredients and punchy flavours. Making meals at home should be an event and be as memorable as they are delicious - be it breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. 



Why we love Truffle Guys

Truffles are definitely an acquired taste and not usually one for indulging in at home or on a daily basis. This is mainly due to the lack of availability of the cuisine and the lack of availability for home purchase. 

Much like caviar, it's a food that tends to be saved for the "special occasions": the fine dining, meals out or chef's table dinners. In addition, and much like other foods viewed in such high regard, it can be a challenge to find an option for home dining that offers the quality you need and the legitimacy required. 

With Truffle Guys, this could all be about to change. If you're a truffle lover and have been looking for a way to enjoy a wide variety of truffle-based foods at home, this is an ideal purchase. This signature selection box features a wide range of condiments and even truffle dusting, perfect for lightly coating on your meals to add an earthy touch.