Handmade Clothing Voucher by LaneFortyFive

Handmade sustainable and ethical custom-made clothes. £127 £150 (Save £23)

The Experience

Lane FortyFive is a conceptual London-based unisex clothing brand, creating handmade-to-order clothing that is not only beautiful but environmentally conscious and kind. Following a philosophy that lays emphasis on ethical and sustainable practices, with trees being planted for every garment that is made. 

Their custom size ordering follows this system: 

  • If standard sizing suits your needs and your favoured fabric is in the dropdown list too, simply go ahead and place the order.
  • If you want the garment to be made as per your specific measurements and/ or fabric choice, simply send your details directly and LaneFortyFive will quickly get your order placed.
  • If you are London-based and will like to get measured for your order, contact directly via the email address provided and you can place a personal sizing appointment. 

Allow us to introduce you to... LaneFortyFive

Founded in 2016, LaneFortyFive was built around the idea of a strong and meaningful relationship between a piece of clothing and the wearer, believing that clothes are like our second skin. Inspired by the world's landscapes, stories, images and poetry, their made to order system means that they are able to create a sustainable chain of creation and actively promote the slow fashion process. Their trendsetting designs and silhouettes are completely sustainable, eco-conscious and made from natural, organic and recycled materials. 

Their ongoing tree plantation initiate is their way of giving back to the environment, with the aim of restocking natural resources they use by planting trees. For every £100 spend with LaneFortyFive, they plant 2 trees, allowing for carbon offsetting as well as sustainable creations. 

Why we love LaneFortyFive

LaneFortyFive takes a great amount of care in the customisation of their orders, with a unique swatch book of fabrics that includes tweed, wool, denim, corduroy, linen and cotton. Sustainably made with natural, organic and recycled materials, LaneFortyFive is an investment into pieces that will last for years. 

Their silhouettes and designs are unlike anything you will see in the fast fashion industry, made with quality and long wear at the heart of each garment. 

This is the epitome of slow fashion and custom creation.