Sustainable Wardrobe Classics by Birdsong London

Voucher spend for sustainable, vegan wardrobe staples for and by women. £80 £100 (Save £20)

The Experience

£100 to spend across the entire Birdsong London catalogue for only £80. With a range that includes sleek gorgeous statement pieces and comfortable loungewear, this could be your next favourite label. 

Birdsong's range includes dresses, knitwear, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpsuits and loads more. Their range also includes accessories, with jewellery, hair accessories and more. 

This is organic, reclaimed fashion that's made for women by women from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Allow us to introduce you to... Birdsong London

For people who expect more from their wardrobe, Birdsong designs original wardrobe staples that are ethical, sustainable and made by talented local women facing barriers to work, for a London Living Wage. 

This is guilt-free fashion that looks gorgeous and leaves you feeling gorgeous, all day every day. 

Why we love Birdsong London

Fashion is about more than just clothing. It's an industry that allows people to make a statement, take creative control and break down barriers. This is the ethos of Birdsong: Fashion is an important ally in times of change. 

The team of designers at Birdsong London create gorgeous everyday items, as well as statement pieces, that are designed to enlighten and enhance your wardrobe. All while using organic, natural, vegan and reclaimed fabrics. 

Birdsong is for women and by women, helping underrepresented female designers by giving them a helping hand into the industry while also paying a fair wage. It's fashion that feels good on the outside and inside.