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Premium Shaving by The Personal Barber

One-year of premium shaving equipment delivered straight to your door, which includes The Personal Barber's bestselling safety razor. £30 £40 (Save £10)

The Experience

Luxury shaving made easy with The Personal Barber. Choose from a subscription or a gift box. 



This Discovery Shaving box includes a brand-new selection of shaving and skincare products, plus a restock of blades for your premium and high-performance razor. (As a special offer for Mór members, your first kit will be upgraded to the premium version, which includes The Personal Barber's best performing safety razor). 

How it Works

Choose from a 6-month or 12-month subscription option. 

You can then choose how often you would like your new box to arrive, depending on your shaving requirements. The box will arrive at your door every 6 or 12 weeks. 

For the 6-month option, a total of 4 boxes will be sent every 6 or 12 weeks over the course of 6 or 12 months. 

For the 12-month option a total of 8 boxes will be sent every 6 or 12 weeks over the course of a year or two. 


Gift Set

Turn shaving into a luxurious experience with this premium gift set. Includes everything you need for the best shave ever:

  • 1 x premium DE safety razor
  • Luxurious synthetic hair shaving brush
  • TPB 'Samurai' shaving soap - quickly whips into a lather and smells amazing
  • 5 Astra DE razor blades - enough for over a month's daily shaves
  • And a step by step guide on mastering your new grooming tools.

Allow us to introduce you to... The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber curates the best men's shaving and skincare products from around the world to send out to the members in our popular shaving club. Expect top customer service and strong eco-friendly credentials.

They're always against wasteful plastic disposable razors, instead teaching members the art of shaving with a classic single-blade razor and brush. When you join the Discovery Box Shaving Club you'll first be sent the starter kit that includes razor, shaving brush, shaving soap, 10 replacement blades, and a step-by-step guide to achieving the best shave of your life.

Why we love The Personal Barber

Styled facial hair has been one of the hottest trends in men’s grooming over the last few years, and an investment in it can reap the benefits in enhancing your appearance and confidence.

We love expert curation, and we love our planet. These values are shared and exemplified by this brand, which not only seeks out the best in men’s grooming but also achieves this without unnecessary waste.

Elevate your morning routine from a dull chore into a satisfying ritual.