Bakery Courses by The Artisan Bakery School

A collection of bakery classes and workshops from the Devon-based Artisan Bakery School. £170 £185 (Save £15)

The Experiences

The Artisan Bakery School has been inspiring people to take up the craft of baking for years. Their range of workshops and online courses means that anyone can learn how to become a star baker.

The Wood Fired Pizza Workshop is an energetic and hands-on course that will see you learn how to make the perfect pizza. From learning about the long-fermentation methods to creating that perfect dough and shaping it and prepping it for the oven. You'll engage in how to make that show-stopping punchy sauce and take advantage of the vast range of ingredients to make a flavour combination that is out of this world. Finally, you'll be shown how to bake your pizza in the wood fire to get that perfect pizza base experience. 

The Naturally Gluten-Free Sourdough Course is an exciting opportunity to learn about the fantastic health benefits and delightful flavours & textures of sourdough. The choice of making rolls, pizza and artisan loaves all with completely GF ingredients can be done by making and maintaining your own dough from brown rice, sorghum, buckwheat and teff. You will also gain knowledge of the principles of sourdough and its fermentation process. 

The Viennoiserie Day is The Artisan Bakery School's most popular course and is the ultimate baking indulgence, with the opportunity to make the toothsome delights consisting of the best brioche, croissants and sweet-fruit laden pastries. Within this day class, you will be given the skills to make both laminated and non-laminated doughs which will turn into glossy, buttery beribboned treats.

The Artisan Sourdough & Rye Class is your true introduction to making the perfect sourdough and rye creations. With the power of yeast at your fingertips, you will create and maintain your own natural sourdough starters and use them to bake a range of fabulous wheat and rye sourdough loaves of bread. Gaining skills in the principles of timing, temperature and techniques to both enhance the flavours but also simplify your beautiful breadmaking to make it perfect for everyday life. 

Allow us to introduce you to... The Artisan Bakery School

Devon-based bakers, Dragan and Penny have been pioneers teaching micro-bakery business courses since 2008 and were among some of the very first to sell real bread in Oxford. Their mission is to teach people to become bakers, to bake real bread, pastries and pizza that is just as scrumptious as it looks.

With founder Penny saying this: We can only change the way people bake and think about bread one person at a time. But if we do it often enough, for long enough, we will contribute to positive change. That’s our reason for being.”

Why we love The Artisan Bakery School

With founders who have a genuine interest and love for the bakery, you can rest assured that you will be well looked after at The Artisan Bakery School and sufficiently filled up with sweet and savoury treats by the end of each workshop. With courses that fit into anyone's skill level and knowledge, these classes are welcoming and educational whilst still having that level of fun-loving energy that cooking & baking brings to us all.