Waxed Canvas Bags by Fernweh

Sustainable canvas lunch bags and backpacks. £81 £91 (Save £10)

The Experience

Mór Card Exclusive Adventure Bundle

The Adventure Bundle includes a handcrafted waxed canvas lunch bag, and a stainless steel carabiner mug.

The Fernweh lunch bag is crafted from Scottish waxed canvas, fully lined in an organic cotton crossweave and finished with oak bark tanned leather straps.

The classic roll top design is inspired by brown paper "lunch bags", meaning it can store as little or as much as you want.

Bundle also comes with a Fernweh stainless steel carabiner mug.


"Muick" Backpack

Colour:- Bark/Forest/Slate. 

Taking inspiration from the unique colour palette of a dramatic, overcast trip beside lochs in the mountainous Cairngorms, this bag is named after one of the designer's favourite lochs in Scotland: Loch Muick. 

The Ferweh "Muick" backpack is inspired by a sense of adventure, yet perfect for everyday use around town. Designed and handcrafted in their Aberdeen studio, the whole process is carefully and meticulously crafted using the best quality materials. 

The outer is made from rugged Scottish waxed cotton, with a reinforced bottom and leather lash tabs for attaching additional accessories (yoga mat, sleeping bag etc). It has a quilted back for extra padding and comfort, and adjustable oak bark tanned leather straps that are wider at the should to help spread the weight across the back when worn. All finished with a secure rolltop fastening. 

The inner is also rolltop secure, containing an array of pockets. The lining is made from crisp Scottish dry waxed cotton, giving additional waterproofing. A zip pocket adorns the back, perfect for keeping documents or phones safe and secure. It also comes with a laptop sleeve and a d-ring for clipping keys. 

Entirely created from waxed canvas which is made in Dundee, Scotland and oak bark tanned leather from the UK's only remaining oak bark tannery. Sewn with bonded nylon thread for strength.

Dimensions: Height 42cm, Unrolled Height approx 50cm, Depth 12cm, Width (bottom) approx 25cm, Width (rolltop) approx 34cm. 


Allow us to introduce… Fernweh

Fernweh, pronounced "feirn-vay", is a feeling of farsickness. An ache and longing for distant places, a craving for travel and a yearning to explore off the beaten path. 

Founded in 2014 by Fashion Design graduate Laura Sherriffs, Fernweh is an accessories brand created and based in Aberdeen. The team creates handcrafted bags and accessories inspired by a sense of adventure and Scottish wilderness. Their chosen colour palettes reflect the rich landscapes and coasts of the Highlands and North East of the country. 

All materials used are carefully considered and heritage to the land, such as the Scottish waxed canvas and oak bark tanned leather which make up the Adventure Bundle and Muick rucksack. 

Fernweh create rugged, unique designs that blend aesthetics with function, taking inspiration from traditional materials and giving them a contemporary twist.




Why we love Fernweh

Fernweh is a brand that uses natural inspiration to create high quality, purpose driven bags that bring a little adventure to everyday life. Their inspiration is always tied back to the lands in which the products are created, meaning you can take a little piece of Scotland with you on every adventure - whether it's a camping trip, a weekend abroad or just nipping out for groceries. 

Using traditional materials and methods, Fernweh ensured their oak bark tanning is a slow and zero waste process, taking 14 months to tan each hide. There is only one oak bark tannery left in the UK, on the site of an ancient tannery, and it is powered by a 400-year old water wheel. This shows the levels of authenticity their team goes to in order to create something sustainable and traditional. 

Another core value and passion for the business is sustainability, and Laura and the team strive to create a brand that reflects these values. With minimal waste, reused offcuts and by building slow fashion products designed to last, each step of the Fernweh handcrafting process ensures ethical consumption.