The Whisky Watch by Fiodh

Watches uniquely crafted from reclaimed whisky casks with black or brown leather straps.  £180 £230 (Save £50)

The Experience

Fiodh creates unique watches, carved from the reclaimed wood of whisky casks and completed with Scottish leather handstitched straps.

Enjoy an exclusive discount on Fiodh’s signature Whisky Watch – available with either a black or brown leather strap. 

Each Whisky watch is individual and crafted with style and heritage in mind.  

The watches from Fiodh are splash-resistant. However, due to the characteristics of any wooden watch, it is best to avoid contact with too much water.

Allow us to introduce… Fiodh

The mission behind Fiodh is all about promoting the beauty of Scotland while introducing a modern twist. This brand skilfully combines heritage with contemporary style and design, creating truly unique watches out of reclaimed whisky casks.

Fiodh was founded in 2017 by Michael Youmans, a design graduate with a thirst to create something both stylish and authentically Scottish. That’s when he was inspired to create The Whisky Watch.

Each watch is carved from the wood of a whisky cask which has flavoured some of the finest malts. Then, each one-of-a-kind design is completed using unique handmade and handstitched straps, created using a selection of fine Scottish leather produced by Muirhead since 1840. 

Why we love Fiodh

The way that each Fiodh watch combines history, heritage, and style is truly second-to-none. At Mór, we love designs that have the power to take you on a journey, and unique creations with their own history and story. 

That is just one of the many reasons why we love Fiodh. We are also impressed by Fiodh’s team’s approach to sustainability and the creative ways in which they repurpose and reuse materials. 

What’s more, there is something uniquely personal about each and every Whisky Watch created by Fiodh. By the very nature of the cask wood, each design is sure to change slightly in appearance over time, due to general wear and tear. At Fiodh, they hope that this will create a stronger connection between the watch and the wearer.