Natural Self Care Ritual Sets by Olverum

Nighttime Ritual and Restorative Ritual bath bundles, exclusive to Mór members. £128 £159.50 (Save £31)

The Experiences

Choose from the exclusive Nighttime Ritual bundle, or the Restorative Ritual bundle from Olverum. Please note, this experience can only ship to mainland UK. 

The Mór Card Nighttime Ritual 

Treat your body to the best beauty sleep you'll ever have... 

Luxuriate in a warm bath with Olverum's iconic Bath Oil, created in 1931 to deeply relax and restore your essential you.  

Become transported by Olverum's signature fragrance while you allow the papaya enzyme in Olverum's dual-action Body Polish to begin the work of dissolving dead skin cells before you buff your body to a soft and satin smooth finish.  

Apply Olverum Pure Radiance Facial Oil, made with natural retinol alternatives, following our specially designed massage protocol, to leave your face glowing with renewed radiance.  

Then, just before bed, spray two pumps of scientifically formulated Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist on your pillow. Its unique combination of carefully selected essential oils work synergistically with your sleep cycle to lull your mind and body into a night of deep and untroubled sleep, helping you to awaken restored and refreshed. 

The Nighttime ritual set includes: 

  • Olverum Bath Oil 125ml
  • Olverum Body Polish
  • Olverum Facial Oil
  • Olverum Pillow Mist

The Mór Card Restorative Ritual 

With Olverum’s Restorative Ritual bundle you can fortify the legendary bath oil by adding a handful of Olverum Bath Salts – combining the same signature essential oil blend with sustainably sourced Dead Sea Salt, Kalahari Desert Salt, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E – to deeply relax muscles and revitalise skin.’

While drifting towards ‘Bath Nirvana’, allow our new dual-action Body Polish to soften and buff your skin to a satin finish, restoring a natural lustre. 

And, to complete the ritual, massage Olverum Firming Body Oil into your moistened skin to help slow the degradation of collagen and promote the production of hyaluronic acid and new collagen for a firmer, toned sensation. 

The Restorative Ritual includes: 

  • Olverum Bath Oil 125ml
  • Olverum Body Polish
  • Olverum Bath Salts
  • Olverum Firming Body Oil

Allow us to introduce you to... Olverum

It’s no accident that Olverum’s tag line is ‘Restore Your Essential You’. 

When the iconic Olverum Bath Oil was created in 1931, news of its restorative powers quickly spread by word of mouth. Its extraordinary therapeutic benefits and gorgeous unisex fragrance have since come to define it as a European cult beauty classic. 


Why we love Olverum

Since the first bath oil created by Olverum in 1931, they have become pioneers in green beauty and natural self care, creating gorgeous high performance products with aromatherapeutic qualities and scents that beguile. 

The two bundles on offer are exclusive to Mór members and comprise only the top, bestselling products from Olverum. Bundled together to create complementary rituals, you will find everything you need for your daily self care routines. 

Perfect individually or paired in combination, this is one that you'll want to experience alone for the ultimate "me time". Unisex fragrances mean the products in Olverum's range are perfect for anyone that is looking for a relaxing and restorative boost to the body, skin and mind.