Smart Desks by Koble Designs

Choose from a range of sleekly designed smart home desks including features such as wireless charging, Bluetooth speakers and electric height adjustability. £145 £165 (Save £20)

The Experience

Smart desks of the future, beautifully designed and incredibly practical. Various smart features including in-built Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging and electric height adjustability. 

All are designed to feature innovative technology while looking classic and fitting into any interior design. Choose from the dropdown to view each individual desk. All height and weight specifications are in the Terms and Conditions.

Choose from any of the following options:

  • Apollo 2.0 - Electric height adjustable, wireless charging, push sensitive control. Choose from a Walnut or Oak finish. 
  • Bea - Wireless charging, with non-adjustable hair pin legs. Walnut finish with raised shelf for added functionality. 
  • Juno - Electric height adjustable, USB/USB-C/wireless charging, touch sensitive control and LED panel screen. Choose from a White or Oak finish. 
  • Lana - The ultimate in smart desks. Bluetooth speakers, all charging capabilities, electric height adjustable, touch LED panel and whiteboard pen friendly. Choose from a Grey or White finish. 
  • Silas 2.0 - USB and wireless charging, in-built Bluetooth speakers, USB and AUX audio input with whiteboard pen capability. Light grey finish.
  • Skala - USB and wireless charging, touch sensitive control and in-built Bluetooth speakers with USB audio input. 
  • Tori - USB and wireless charging, in-built Bluetooth speaker and USB audio, touch sensitive control and whiteboard pen friendly.

Allow us to introduce you to... Koble Designs

KOBLE Designs is the home of smart furniture and lighting. Premium smart technology products that are functional and designed for the modern home.

Integrated wireless charging and premium Bluetooth speakers are just some of the unique features within the KOBLE range. Koble is smart by design, smart by technology.

Why we love Koble Designs

Whether it's side tables, lamps or desks - smart furniture is a sign of the future. Koble ensures your home is future-proofed with products that are easy to use while offering the maximum practicality possible. 

What we love about the features and specs is that they're not simply gadgets, or mere add-ons. The functions are wholly usable on a daily basis, whether it's the wireless charging for your phone or the height adjustability throughout the day. This is the future of comfortable working from home. 

Innovative technology combined with traditional designs. It's practicality meets vision, meaning these desks won't look out of place in any home.