Chinese Cooking Masterclass with Kwoklyn Wan

Master a range of classic Chinese takeaway dishes with Celebrity Chef Kwoklyn Wan. £99

The Experience

Try your hand at creating authentic Chinese takeaway food at home with these online cooking classes with celebrity chef Kwoklyn Wan.

Two-hour cookery class

From the comfort of your own home, you’ll learn the secrets behind three classic dishes, as well as plenty of tips, tricks, and techniques. The course will involve a cook-along live session with Kwoklyn Wan in which you’ll have the opportunity to ask direct questions and chat along with other students.

Each cooking class will last for two hours and take place on the second Friday of each month, where you will be guided through the following recipes:

  • Cantonese style fried noodles (chow mein)
  • Hong Kong style sweet and sour with chicken, pork or tofu
  • Chilli and salt spare ribs or aubergine fritters

In addition to these exclusive bonuses: 

  • Make your own chilli and salt spice mix
  • Velveting method uncovered

One-hour cookery class

This online class is based on recipes from Kwoklyn Wan’s best-selling book “Chinese Takeaway in 5”. It will involve a live cook-along session on the second Wednesday of every month, giving you the opportunity to learn new skills, ask questions, and chat with other students as you go.

In this shorter, Mór exclusive instalment, you’ll learn how to cook:

  • Singapore fried rice (with a choice of protein for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike)
  • A starter of sweetcorn soup (also known as "egg drop soup")

After each of the classes, you will be sent a recording along with recipe sheets so that you can recreate the delicious dishes time and time again.

Allow us to introduce you to... Kwoklyn's Cookery School

For Kwoklyn Wan, cooking has always been part of his DNA. Having grown up in the kitchens of Chinese takeaways and restaurants, this third-generation restaurateur has plenty of passion and knowledge to share.

Recently, he has been able to share his expertise in various publications, as well as appearing on ITV's This Morning, BBC One's Inside Out, Channel 5's Takeaway Secrets, and more. He now has his own TV show on Amazon Prime TV called Kwoklyn's Chinese Takeaway Kitchen along with his own recipe book, The Chinese Takeaway Cookbook.

These online cookery classes are yet another way in which Kwoklyn Wan wants to share his enthusiasm for premium Chinese dishes with the world. 

Why we love Kwoklyn's Cookery School

Kwoklyn's Cookery School is a business built upon family and heritage. Following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, Kwoklyn Wan has established himself firmly in the culinary world. Ever since he began working in the family restaurant at the age of sixteen, he has harboured a relentless passion for food; a passion that brings Kwoklyn's cookery classes to life.

What’s more, who wouldn’t love the idea of fresh and healthy takeaway alternatives? Kwoklyn's Cookery School offers the same indulgent tastes, without any fear of regret. 

Use this class as a means to pick up the skills, techniques and recipes that will form a base layer knowledge of some authentic Chinese cuisine, allowing you to go on and master the dishes or further expand your repertoire.